Please contact your Legislators to share the importance of advancing optometrists’ scope of practice in Vermont.

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April 15, 2024

Bill S.233 now sits before the Senate Health & Welfare Committee, awaiting a hearing. Contact committee members to share — and urge them to — support the bill. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should the optometric scope be expanded in Vermont to include in-office procedures like injections, lesion removal, and limited laser procedures?

Expanding the optometric scope in Vermont offers numerous benefits to the public, such as increased accessibility to healthcare, reduced costs, and improved convenience. Optometrists, with their existing training and expertise, are well-positioned to provide these in-office procedures, contributing to a more efficient and patient-friendly healthcare system.


How does expanding the optometric scope contribute to healthcare cost savings for the public?

By allowing optometrists to perform in-office procedures, healthcare costs can be significantly reduced. Patients can receive necessary treatments without having to visit multiple specialists, thereby minimizing the financial burden associated with additional consultations and procedures.

What impact will this expansion have on travel times for Vermonters seeking healthcare services?

Expanding the optometric scope means that individuals won’t have to travel long distances to access specialized care. With optometrists offering a broader range of procedures, Vermonters can receive comprehensive eye care locally, saving time and resources.

How does this expansion address the concern about wait times for medical procedures?

By empowering optometrists to perform in-office procedures, the overall strain on the healthcare system can be alleviated. This helps reduce wait times for various medical procedures, ensuring patients receive timely and efficient care.

Can optometrists be trusted to perform these in-office procedures?

Absolutely. Optometrists undergo extensive education and training, making them qualified professionals to carry out in-office procedures. They are already responsible for referring patients for these treatments and managing post-operative care, demonstrating their competence and dedication to patient well-being.

How does Vermont compare to other states in terms of optometric scope of practice?

Currently, 29 states have a broader scope of practice for optometrists than Vermont, and 11 states permit all the in-office procedures S.233 proposes. Expanding the scope in Vermont aligns with national trends and ensures that residents have access to the same level of care available in other parts of the country.

Why is it crucial to attract high-quality optometric talent to Vermont?

Attracting skilled optometric professionals is essential for maintaining and improving healthcare standards in the state. By expanding the scope of practice, Vermont can become more appealing to top-tier optometrists, enhancing the overall quality of eye care services available to its residents.

Please contact your Legislators to share the importance of advancing optometrists’ scope of practice in Vermont.

Find your representative here.


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