VOA & AOA Dues

Dues Schedule

To be a member of the VOA, one must also be a member of the AOA. AOA members can be either designated as being affiliated with the State of Vermont or they are associated with a different chapter of the AOA. The VOA Treasurer is charged with annually collecting and sending dues for both the VOA and AOA, if applicable.

Dues can be prorated on a quarterly basis, but the Treasurer will only be sending out the annual bill at the beginning of each fiscal year which will be considered due upon receipt. Should the member prefer quarterly dues, it will be the member’s duty to send installments on a timely basis for processing, as the Treasurer is neither charged with sending reminders nor are they liable for delinquent payments. New members can be billed any time of year.

Dues for both the VOA and AOA are subject to change on an annual basis. The VOA has an ascending dues schedule which is in line with the AOA’s own ascending schedule. Members are currently considered Full-Active Members once they have reached their 5th full year after graduation. For updated details of classification, feel free to email the VOA Treasurer.

More information and any further details can be obtained by contacting the VOA treasurer at voatreasurer@gmail.com.